Dear Friends,

On February 19, 2009, I lost my wife, and very best friend, Charlotte, to ovarian cancer. During her 5 1/2 year struggle with this dreadful disease, Charlotte never gave up. She refused to die! She persevered with grace, dignity, and tremendous courage. I remember this every single day.

During her illness, she was given a soft fleece blanket by one of her daughters in hopes of providing comfort during her countless chemotherapy treatments. Who would ever think a blanket could make such a difference? Charlotte derived so much pleasure from that blanket, but our whole family received even more. As a result, we wanted to establish a means of giving comfort to other patients receiving gynecologic oncology treatment.

Since Charlotte was affectionately known as Grammy CC by her 14 grandchildren, we have honored her memory with,

Grammy CC's Foundation of Love, Inc.

The Foundation's goal is to provide cancer patients with gifts to let them know that they are in the hearts and prayers of others.

As an initial gift, the patient will receive a soft fleece blanket and other gifts and remembrances.

During the year on special occasions, gifts such as a flower and vase, candy, etc. will be given to the patient to let her know how special she is.

A contribution to Grammy CC's Foundation of Love, Inc. would enable an increasing number of patients to feel the warmth and love being offered. May we include you in this most charitable effort? Click here to learn how you can contribute. All contributions are tax-deductible.

With love and good health,

Charles B. Fox & Family

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